Me, Rachel, Warfie and Pepper had first aid refreshers yesterday. Was a fun day with Russ from Canyonz and learnt a heap of good stuff. Hopfully dont need to use it ;) Christmas is well on its way and all ready to go!

Another busy day here in Waitomo, Martins out on a long day of tours along with Dan, Pepper and Warfie are having the arvo off from training to rest up after a hard rescue training session yesterday. Both have been smashing their training and should be ready to guide very soon. Harriets jumped in the office for us today while I have been running around like a crazy person trying to get all the bits and pieces we need to keep operating. Also had a morning tour with 6 amazing cats from Melbourne. Good times. Rachels Back Tomorrow, YAY!!!

This week we have our guide Dan returning into the fray along with 2 new recruits, Thomas aka Warfie, and Pepper. Dans straight into it taking his first tour out and already back to pleasing our cavers! Warfie has had a few days of training now and seems to moving at a cracking pace and picking everything up like hes actually done this before. Will give him a few days off to gather his thoughts. Pepper arrived for her first day today and is out on her second 5 hour tour for the day. Wait to see how she gets on.


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